Hal Gaucher is a Worcester-based illustrator. No, he's not actually a grandma, he just dresses like one.  

After finishing his BFA in Illustration, and minoring in creative writing and visual narratives at Lesley University’s College of Art and Design, he is currently working as a faculty member at the Worcester Art Museum’s art education program.

His work, largely autobiographical, explores loose narratives and memories while attempting to suss out the messiness of relationships, identity and mental illness. Often a collaborator with his partner, alyx mccoy, much of their shared body of work speaks to their relationship and overlapping identities.

Like a magpie, Hal hoards ephemera and scraps in hopes to find inspiration for future mixed media projects. His favorite places to plunder are his childhood attic, Little Free Libraries and paper waste bins.

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Photo courtesy of @narklizard